Red Wing heritage boots

The story of Red Wing shoes, also known as Red Wing Heritage, is a typical example of the 'American Dream'. Shoe salesman Charles Beckman saw the great demand for strong yet comfortable work shoes. It was striking that there was no supply in this yet. In 1905, he therefore founded the 'Red Wing Shoe Company. The logo and name were an ode to the Native American 'Red Wing', leader of the inhabitants of the upper Mississippi River region.


The success of the Red Wing Shoe Company

The great success of the Red Wing Shoe Company is largely due to the fact that the company never compromised on their products, comfort and quality. This allows the high-quality craftsmanship and unparalleled attention to detail to continue. The key elements of a Red Wing shoe are the triple-stitching, strong Goodyear welt and premium leathers.


Best-known shoes/models are the Iron Rangers, Moc Toe and the Blacksmith in the versions: Copper Rough & Tough, Hawthorne 8083, Oxblood 8119, Moctoe Classic 875


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